Remodeling Tricks to Make Your Basement Functional

  • Remodeling Tricks to Make Your Basement Functional

    Furnish it with luxurious furniture and décor that can accommodate even crowd. Don’t underestimate this area while equipping it and incorporate quality sound system, internet connection and lighting system that make it functional and delighting.

    But the point is that usually the basements are not in good condition and they require heavy investments which consume increased amount and efforts. Here are some tricks that you can apply while finishing your basement.

    Identify the Issues

    Usually basements are the most ignored portion of the house due to which it suffers many problems while some issues are raised because it is beneath the ground level. First of all check out for any water leakage issues in the pipes and sewerage system. Also look closely whether there are any small pools or drips of water flowing through the walls. Also inspect the cracks in the basement walls and the level of moisture in them.

    Handle The Problems

    Once you are done with identifying the issues, repair the damages, leakages or cracks as moisture level is high underground, then you need to lessen it or to manage it with efficient techniques.

    Most of the water issues can be resolved by two techniques. The first one is to grade the soil in a slope that is away from the foundation. The second one is to repair the gutters and downspouts. If the problem isn’t fixed, then move to the next level of maintaining. You can add an exterior drain tile to make the walls waterproof. And interior tiles can empty the sump basket with a pump.

    Check Out the Rim Joists

    It is usually seen that opened rim joists create a huge energy loss so they need to be insulated. It can be done by sealing them with solid insulation cut to fit through about 2 inches thick extruded polystyrene. You can fill the gaps through small strips or caulk them with the help of foam spray.

    Insulate the Ground

    There should be proper insulation for the floor in order to seal the moisture. You can use plastic drainage mats for this purpose as they allow the air to circulate and act as a moisture barrier between the cold concrete and the floor.

    Lighten the Area

    As all the imperfections of the foundation are cured, now it’s time to lighten, furnish and decorate the area. First of all brighten it with different types of lights like recessed can lights, fluorescent light, ceiling fixtures etc. and the brightness of the illuminations can also be varied according to the space so that the basement could be functional for living. To be economical, you can shop for the glowing lights at where a great variety of good quality and durable lights are available.

    Control the Temperature

    The overall temperature of most of the basements is usually low because of the increased underground moisture level. You have to warm up the floor and for this you can install electric heating system through cables or mats. Another most feasible idea is to set up a fireplace that effectively raises the temperature of the living.

    Paint the Basement

    Ofcorse, without colors this world is just like a black and white boring painting. If you plan to convert your basement into a living area then bright, colorful and lively paint is must. There are several online stores that offer washable, waterproof and less-expensive shades that can renovate your space. Color the walls and ceiling according to a planned theme and enjoy the transformation.


    Now it’s the test of your intelligence and creativity. You have to make a strategic layout of the whole zone and decide which things are to be used for what purpose. Like center area should be used as a lounge, one corner has to be dedicated for a mini kitchen or bar. In other corner you can place a bed where you can rest for a while. After planning, shop for the appropriate furniture from the renowned stores like Home store, IKEA or Halfpaywithus. Don’t forget to place the stuff with eye catching harmony and order.


    It’s time to decorate the region with curtains, carpets & rugs, wall décor and center pieces. You can also apply your crafty ideas to decorate the structures. Make use of online stores for the purpose where valuable discounts, deals and packages are offered for high efficiency and innovative decorative items.

    Now your basement is ready to live. Relish, delight and have fun in beautiful space.